Mapping Experience

mapping experience.png

Living and Learning Gallery, UVM,

Burlington, VT

Opening Reception Thursday, October 26th

Artist Talks by Alex Costatino and Caroline Mcauliffe at 5:30pm

Art Shape Mammoth and the University of Vermont’s Living and Learning Gallery presents Mapping Experience, an introverted look at self-exploration and the documentation of experience through the manipulation of materials. These artists utilize diverse media, working in clay, textiles, film, industrial materials, and everyday objects, but share a passion for inward examination and outward emotion. 

The work of artists David AlbanAndrew BrownAlex CostantinoDouglas DeggesAimee Hertog, Justine Johnson, Susan LussSarah MagidaCaroline McAuliffe, and Kristen Tordella-Williams shares a psychologically immersive quality, drawing viewers into the elusive space between memory and perceived reality.

Observing the rituals of labor, the repetition of artistic process, and the continual tracking of time, they shape tangible records of life and memory through the visual language of layers and textures. The outcome is an array of tactile sensations for the psyche as physical material is shaped, stitched, ripped, dipped, smothered, and burned into being. Mapping Experience presents investigations into daily life, abstract narratives of the psyche, and archives of action. As they contribute contemporary perspectives to the history of each material, these artists are at the same time forging fossils of experience and making discoveries into themselves, as archaeologists of the subconscious.

Curated by Amy Joy Hosterman and Margaret Coleman.