Creative Director


Amy Joy Hosterman is a ceramic sculptor from Minnesota, now living and working in Colorado.  She studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and received her BFA in ceramics from the University of Minnesota in 2010. Fascinated by geological cycles and technical processes, Amy has been digging her own clay, building her own equipment, and leading ceramic raku-firing workshops across the country with her Traveling Kiln for the past 10 years. Amy Joy Hosterman is the Creative Director for non-profit Art Shape Mammoth, and Co-Founder of the Visitor Center Artist Camp in Ewen, MI, where she has developed comprehensive clay programming for a near-wilderness annual artist residency, creating sculpture from the local clay deposits through hand-processing, testing, formulating, and firing the clay on site using locally available tools and materials. Amy has received grants for her work in both Minnesota and Michigan, including Irrigate Arts, Awesome Without Borders, Pollination Project, and Michigan Department of Economic Development.


I’m fascinated by geological process, the formation and transformation of natural materials, and the direct relationship these processes have to the technical processes we use in ceramic work. I use ceramic sculpture to illustrate our relationships with the environment as we attempt to control it, and examine ironies by creating miniature representations of near-reality. I look for humor in the maddening absurdities of everyday life in American culture, and create detailed scrutinies of my personal observations on consumption, communication, relationship to material, labor, and value. Currently I am exploring a Ceramic Journal project, creating a series of tiles made from laboriously hand-processed clay, used as pages for quickly-drawn sketches which illustrate personal grievances and inside jokes with myself. “You Had To Be There” is a study of my own personal and creative ironies.