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August 3rd -14th, 2016



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Art Shape Mammoth is accepting artist portfolio submissions for consideration between June 1st and August 5th, 2016, for our next representation year Oct 2016 - Sept 2017.

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SEA ART: A Trash Art Adventure
Indonesian Islands Artist Residency

October 14th - 29th, 2016

Apply by AUGUST 15TH

More info HERE

ArtShape Mammoth will host an art residency lead by Aubrey Roemer, journeying through Eastern Indonesia on a Pinisi ship. The ship sets sail October 14th, 2016. Eight selected artists will sail for one week through the islands, interacting with the islanders and experiencing their culture, but also witnessing the incredible amount of ocean trash polluting both habited and uninhabited islands. Artists will travel on the ship for one week. Returning to Lombok’s Mentigi Bay Dome Villas for the second week of the residency, each artist will create a work of art with trash found on the islands and install it at the Oceans Care and Sound of the River Festival, October 29th, in the capital city of Lombok. The festival will draw thousands with international musicians, street vendors, and surrounding community celebrating and fundraising for the installation of a hydro-solar powered trash wheel for the Jangkuk River, the islands largest river that empties into the Indian Ocean. 

Apply by AUGUST 15TH

More info HERE

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