Our Cross-Cultural Exchange program builds relationships globally, facilitating opportunities for artists to exhibit, network, teach, learn, and experience, internationally. We share ideas, gain new insights, and offer each other new ways of thinking about our world.

Our Cross-Cultural Exchange program, as experienced by Finnish artist Mari Mathlin, whom we hosted in the US for a solo exhibition at Hair + Nails Gallery and a stay at The Future artist residency in Minneapolis, MN, and as a resident at the Visitor Center Artist Camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the summer of 2017. Video by Giraffe-a-scope.

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Sufaces Traces

Art Shape Mammoth is pleased to host Sharon Norwood, Oneika Russell, Jeanne Proust, and Sandra Stephens from the Caribbean Islands, for Surface Traces at Yashar Gallery, with the generous support of Exhibition Coordinator Stephen Eakin.

A trace can be seen as a residual mark left over in time, not immediately discernible, or an outline that follows a fixed path. It can also be a conceptual tool used to interrogate the other within the self. This exhibition explores the relation of the trace to the surface.

Each of the artists approaches this concept of the trace in terms of one or more of these various definitions, while all connect to the ways the trace relates to history, time and memory. With connections to the post-colonial Caribbean, (three of the artists were born, live or have ancestry from Jamaica while one was born in Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe), all four play with notions of hybridity and unfixed notions of subjectivity to visually push this concept of the trace of the body on the surface and within its environments.

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Yashar Gallery, 276 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY
December 15th - December 30th, 2017
Opening Reception Friday, December 15th, 6 - 8 pm.
Artist talks at 7pm, Philosophy, Art & Drinks to follow.
Curated by Sandra Stephens.