Represented Artist 2014-2017

I draw inspiration from life: an early childhood in the shadow of Disney’s fireworks in Anaheim, a textile apprenticeship in Japan, Art Direction in Hong Kong, study in London, and rural life in Wales. I am fascinated by landscapes, starscapes, culture and human technology. I look for the universal in the particular and the connections between diverse times, places and cultures.
My work is diverse but always closely linked to process and understanding of materials including their history and connection to culture. Currently, I am exploring ancient methods of organic sugar fermentation with Indigo, plant dyeing techniques, casting, and their consequent resonance in culture, nature, space and time. As an artist I don’t recognize limits.

“Between departure and arrival, that place when the sea and sky merge, mapping infinity.”

The smell of fresh air, early morning birdsong, the river running to the sea, the waterfall as background noise, trees without leaves and with flowers wild and planted, the endurance of animals and the mud between my toes. The colours when the sun shines and when it’s all grey light and rain. The elements of fire, water, earth, wind. The inner world of my mind, flowing with spirit after a meditation - This fires up my creative energy in the pursuit of art and hope.

About Justine Johnson:

Justine Johnson, an American/British artist was born in 1960 in Orange, California. She received a BA in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University, where she developed an interest in Japanese textiles that lead her to study the Shibori and Yuzen techniques with Hiroshi Hashida in Osaka, Japan. After a year of study in Japan, she worked in Hong Kong from 1985-1992 as a designer/art director in the fashion industry, and continued to develop textile art/drawing practice. In 1992 she moved to London and Wales. At this time she wanted to expand her ‘making skills’ and enrolled in the sculpture programme at West Wales School of Art, where she received a BA(1 Hons) in 1998 and then an MFA from Middlesex University, London in 2003.