I make art about the chaos and dysfunction of contemporary life. With an emphasis on domestic chaos and female identity, my work challenges the myth of domestic bliss. Embracing diverse media, my work includes installation, sculpture, mixed media painting and collage.
The use of found objects is integral to my installation and sculptural works. Recycling utilitarian objects, I create sculptural forms from materials such as discarded clothing, kitchenware, dead flowers, and broken glass. While some of these materials are transformed or deconstructed, others are left in their raw state. Often the work takes the form of grotesque female figures. Distended, entangled, and sometimes literally left hanging, these pieces reflect the struggle women face in constructing and guarding their identities.

About Aimee Hertog:

Aimee Hertog, originally from Denver, Colorado, received her B.A. from Bennington College and her MFA at Montclair State University. She works with painting, photography and sculptural installation. She has been in several exhibitions in the New York City area including two one-person shows with Chashama. Aimee won Best in Show at Wide Open 2 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, chosen by Guggenheim curator Nat Trotman.  Her art was featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post and the Star Ledger.  Hertog is also a curator. She curated group shows in Brooklyn - Captured Transience at the Trestle Gallery and Toxicity at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. She also curated Layers at City Without Walls and the Grotesque Taxidermy of the Feminine Mystique at the Governor’s Island Art Fair.