I choose clay as a material and process because of the massive physicality it affords me.  My recent work has centered on teeth, and mandibles coming from some industrial strength dental work I endure. Teeth are very prominent in all of the animal kingdom. They function as tools and weapons. Much attention is paid to them visually. Our culture assigns an utmost importance to their image. Likewise, the mandible is a very prominent feature. It is the first bone to develop in utero. I want to them to be large enough to remove you from the experience in front of the mirror we all have of picking, brushing, and flossing. I sometimes pattern them off my own and use a bitewing I had done. When fabricating I am reminded of the studies I have done in the anatomy lab and the discovery an archeologist must feel in the field. 

Generally I fire my work to about 2000 Degrees F. I occasionally fire in the wood-burning kiln. I choose simple materials; terra cotta, white casting slip, white and black slip, red Sigillata, and a couple of very active lithium-based glazes. I am very interested in the alchemical processes of the kiln and the glaze lab. 

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