We Walk the Bottom of an Ocean We Call Sky , Joan Harmon

We Walk the Bottom of an Ocean We Call Sky, Joan Harmon


Loveland Museum Gallery

Jan 12 - March 3

Opening reception Jan 11, 5:30-8pm with Curator's Talk at 5:30

Artist talks by Cori Champagne and Joan Harmon, Thursday, February 28th 5:30-7pm

Room features work by Cori Champagne, Joan Harmon, Justine Johnson, and Lindsey Wolkowicz, delving into the relationships between our physical bodies and the architecture of the spaces which position them in place and time. Employing a dynamic range of materials for sculpture, installation, video, and painting, these artists consider the body as it navigates its relationship to ever-changing environments both urban and natural - making a pilgrimage, creating a home, crossing borders, seeking a safe space to dwell, to reflect, or to grow. How does place define us? What can we learn about ourselves, and each other, through our connection to the spaces we occupy?

Curated by Amy Joy Hosterman.

Shishmaref , Cori Champagne

Shishmaref, Cori Champagne

Cori Champagne creates wearable sculpture, directly relating the body to its environment through garments that transform into living spaces. Her work speaks of self-sustainability and mobility while providing a facetious take on utility and fashion. Using mass-produced artifacts as inspiration, she remakes and assigns new meaning to objects by changing their functionality. Her sculptures are transformed physically and metaphorically by the human activity of their use.

Joan Harmon uses a variety of media including cast cement, fired clay, glass, and wax, and incorporates sound and light into her installations. Her work explores psychological journeys created by merging architecture, landscape, and references to the human body. Exploring patterns, flow, and our physical responses to the natural world, Harmon’s work carries narratives of mythology and metamorphosis, as unrelated forms combine to invoke a new experience.

Footpaths , Joan Harmon

Footpaths, Joan Harmon

Key, Door, and Costume from Film,  Wild Feathers in an Iron Landscape , Justine Johnson

Key, Door, and Costume from Film, Wild Feathers in an Iron Landscape, Justine Johnson

Justine Johnson creates work that deals with displacement and the struggle to find her identity after leaving the country of her birth. She writes, “I am ‘other’. But I find that no matter the environment, the wonder of the universe and hope for humanity always move me. The combination of materials evoke the sexual and sensual, the feminine and masculine, and the abstract and spiritual, all of which define my work.”

Lindsey Wolkowicz creates work around the relationship between us and the spaces we occupy. Her work deals with memory, perspective, relationships and psycho-dynamics. The lines, geometry and color in her paintings simultaneously interrupt and support one another, while objects and architectural surrounds are constructed to promote a physical and evocative connection with the body of the viewer. Her work is not about representing a location, but instead about presenting what is found there.

Push/Pull #7 , Lindsey Wolkowicz

Push/Pull #7, Lindsey Wolkowicz