The Visitor Center Artist Camp is Looking Forward to Summer!

                                     Cookin' at the Visitor Center Artist Camp

                                     Cookin' at the Visitor Center Artist Camp

                                    Workin' at the Visitor Center Artist Camp

                                    Workin' at the Visitor Center Artist Camp

The Visitor Center Artist Camp is a residency and workshop site for wilderness living and sustainable arts creation, instruction, and experimentation near the Ottawa National Forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
We are proud to announce an open call for applications for our 2nd Annual Sustainable Practices Symposium, August 1st-14th, 2015.  We will gather to make art, share skills and ideas, build community, and examine sustainability in life and in artistic practice.  People of all creative backgrounds, experience levels, and fields of practice are encouraged to apply.
We will offer workshops in Local Clay and Metal Casting, and are accepting proposals for Independent Projects that embrace the Visitor Center's rugged setting and adventurous attitude.  New this year: Independent proposals can include the use of a local sawmill where participants can see a project from tree to finished work!

Deadlines for Applications:

Work-scholarship applications: May 1st, 2015
ALL applications: May 15th, 2015
For more information and to apply, click here

Click here for the NPR story on the Visitor Center Artist Camp!

Image: "Brain Pendant" by Leslie Fry, 2014

Image: "Brain Pendant" by Leslie Fry, 2014

Curated by Margaret Coleman
Featuring the work of ASM artists: 
Jennifer McCandless, Joan Harmon, Jane Gordon, Jordan Cooperman, Maureen O’leary, and Melissa Sclafani, with work by Kevin Donegan and Leslie Fry.

When we look at fragments of the body, or an implied body,
can we for a little while cease to be ourselves?  This show
proposes that new ground can be covered through juxtaposition of fragments and materials that create
a passage and a boundary all the while using the body as a
Wayfarers Gallery and Art Shape Mammoth are pleased to present The Body in Eden,  an eight person group show exploring memory and body parts as fragmented and obscured, real and implied.  The body passes through space leaving the space affected, sometimes chewed up and always changed.  In some cases the viewer is the body as the scale of the work invites her in.  The mere trace of the body may be all that marks the final work, and the painting, fired clay, cast bronze and stone sculpture exhibited here are in easy dialogue about the body as a vessel of nostalgia or record of memory, scarred document of past stimuli.

Wayfarers is a Brooklyn-based studio program that offers qualifying members private studios, access to a wood shop, and a solo show in the on-site gallery.

ONE Arts Center, Burlington, VT

Aubrey Roemer,  Leviathan Amagansett II

Aubrey Roemer, Leviathan Amagansett II

The Connect Series is a visiting arts program curated by ONE Arts Collective and ArtsRiot. The series is designed to continue to include Vermont artists in the national arts dialog by bringing established artists into the community and sending Vermont artists to New York City and beyond. 

The Connect Series at ArtsRiot

Aubrey Roemer'Moving away from the 'NYC Chelsea Gallery Artist Success Model'

This past December we worked collaboratively with our partner organization, ONE Arts Collective in Vermont, to bring ASM artist Aubrey Roemer to Burlington to give a lecture and paint a mural at ArtsRiot. Aubrey led a discussion on moving away from the 'NYC Chelsea Gallery Artist Success Model'  and shifting the paradigm towards a grassroots and DIY approach to art-making, art-showing, and art-networking.  Aubrey gave a slide presentation including documentation from her last project 'Leviathan: The Montauk Portrait Project' as an example of how leaving NYC actually advanced her career. 

ONE Arts Center will host NYC based ASM artist, Maureen O'Leary, as a visiting artist in February. 

                   Maureen O'Leary,  Untitled , oil on linen, 46" x 46"

                 Maureen O'Leary, Untitled, oil on linen, 46" x 46"

Maureen O'Leary,  Untitled , Oil on linen, 46" x 46"

Maureen O'Leary, Untitled, Oil on linen, 46" x 46"

Intrinsic Terrain at Lost Coast Culture Machine

Lost Coast Culture Machine is pleased to present Intrinsic Terrain, an exhibition of paintings by Brooklyn artist Jannell Turner and Wisconsin artist Jessica Mongeon, facilitated by ArtShape Mammoth.

Intrinsic Terrain presents ideas of wilderness and environment in contemporary painting from a psychological viewpoint, using color and movement to manipulate traditional landscape views into an expression of a deeper state of being.

The exhibition is on view January 17- February 22, 2015
Lost Coast Culture Machine is an artist-run contemporary art space & handmade paper mill in the remote coastal town of Fort Bragg, California.

OPENING RECEPTION & ARTIST TALKS January 17, 2015, 5–8 pm