Represented Artist 2014-2016

My practice incorporates painting, photography, printmaking, installation, and performance. Materiality is a focal point within the work, specifically using found and repurposed items like linens, bed sheets, dinner napkins, and old candles. The raw materials are tailored to each project, using a given object’s context to reinforce the conceptual nature of the artwork. Although centered around portraiture and representation, the images often touch abstraction in execution. Using community as a platform for creation – works range from depicting the employees of a strip club, painting the people of an entire town, chronicling disease through portraiture, etc. In this regard, facets of journalism, anthropology, and socioeconomics are explored – occasionally mythology, spirituality, and the fantastic needle their way into a given body of work. Often the finished work is installed within the environment that inspired it’s creation.

About Aubrey Roemer:

Aubrey Roemer was born in Rochester, NY. She received her BFA from Pratt Institute and post collegiately attended residencies in the USA, Europe, and Asia, as well as exhibited in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. She worked as a journalist for Art Observed, specializing in covering the NYC auction season. Roemer received a grant from World Connect and ARTwerk for her work. In 2014, She created ‘Leviathan: The Montauk Portrait Project’ a work that involved painting hundreds of residents of the Long Island fishing hamlet on linens forged from within the community and exhibiting them in flash installations throughout the town. She has received national and international press for her work. Recently, she was a resident at Vermont Studio Center and at 42 Acres in England. Currently Roemer is working on projects in Nicaragua with La Isla Foundation addressing the CKDnT epidemic, painting sails of pinisi ships in Indonesia, and is in the process of creating an international fleet of painted recycled ocean plastic trash sails. Her work is on display this fall at Pratt Institute’s Dekalb Gallery and in a solo exhibition in Montauk’s Gallery at the Terrace.

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