Represented Artist 2014-2016

I explore geographic formations, organisms and natural phenomena, through the medium of acrylic paint. My painting process allows for spontaneity and chaos to play a role, as a way to connect to disorder and entropy. This involves spraying, dripping, and applying color with wide hake brushes onto an absorbent panel. An otherworldly element is added as I contort and manipulate the illusion of space on the painted surface, intuitively working in layers. Pours, drips and blooms of pigment speak to gravity and help to create an illusion of deep space or surface tension. 

I often incorporate photocopy transfers into my paintings to create a direct visual link to the observed world. I then subvert this stability by changing the surroundings and spatial cues. Terrain is composed of fractals, so without a frame of reference it can be nearly impossible to determine scale; an image of duckweed in a pond could appear to be a satellite view of Earth.

About Jessica Mongeon:

Jessica graduated with her MFA from Montana State University. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of North Dakota and grew up on a family farm. She has exhibited her paintings regionally and nationally and actively participates in artist residencies, including the Vermont Studio Center, the Anderson Center, and the Sam And Adele Golden Foundation Artist Residency in upstate New York. She will be instructing art at the University of Wisconsin Colleges -Barron County for the 2014/15 academic year.