Trip by Emily Lindskoog Opens at the Joel Hayden Salter Gallery

November 5 - December 5, 2014.  Artist Lecture and Reception: Wednesday November 5th at 12:30 pm

On view at the Joel Hayden Salter Gallery, Trip will feature installation and works on paper by Emily Lindskoog.  Equally inspired by the wild landscapes of rural America and the quirky accumulations of the city, this exhibition serves as the remembrance of and attempt at communicating the struggle with the unbalancing oddness of all first encounters. Facilitated by ArtShape Mammoth.

Emily Lindskoog was born in Indiana in 1983 and raised in Nevada.  She received her MFA in Drawing in 2010 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  She currently lives and works in Chicago.

Fine Arts Theatre and Joel Hayden Salter Gallery

The University of Wisconsin Colleges - Barron County in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

ASM Artist Claire Breidenbach Showing at Gallery 9


Ways of Seeing: Visions of Artists from the Westchester Sound Shore Community is a beautiful and varied exhibition featuring 36 works by artists from the Sound Shore area.  On view in ArtsWestchester’s Gallery9, Ways of Seeing aims to articulate the many ways that artists transform their visions into the material world.  These artists work with varying mediums including sculpture, diorama, and paints.

ONE Arts Center is now OPEN in Burlington, Vermont!

The ONE Arts Collective and ArtShape Mammoth have a collaborative relationship.  We are happy to be working with them!

ASM Artist Liz Ensz Begins tour of Residencies and Visiting Artist Lectures

She just spent a month as a fellow at Salem Art Works.  Next, The Steel Yard in Providence, then to Tyler University and The Maryland Institute College of Art as a guest lecturer and critic.

Reports From The Visitor Center Artist Camp

Liz Ensz  and Morgan Herum pouring aluminum ingots

Liz Ensz and Morgan Herum pouring aluminum ingots

Margaret Coleman , Keelin Mayer, and  James Lentz  casting aluminum sculptures

Margaret Coleman, Keelin Mayer, and James Lentz casting aluminum sculptures

Watch. Learn. Carve.

ArtShape Mammoth’s traveling foundry promotes accessibility in the arts by bringing the foundry process out in the open and allowing the community a hands-on experience. Professional ASM artists and skilled participants construct a temporary aluminum foundry to facilitate the casting of low relief sculpture.  These sculptures are carved in sand blocks on site by anyone at any age and skill level within any community.  We have poured aluminum sculptures during our arts festival in Ewen, Michigan. We have poured in Providence, Rhode Island and Pelham, New York.  Our next scheduled community pour is in Burlington, Vermont in November 2014 and Millsaps College, Mississippi in 2015.  Reviews have been off the charts positive and invites for sequels have been unanimous.  We can pour anywhere for any kind of event using a very small footprint and leaving no mess behind. 

James Lentz
VCAC Metals Instructor, ASM Traveling Foundry Coordinator

Ceramic Explorations at The Visitor Center Artist Camp: DIY Sustainable Adventure Art Symposium, 2014

Sarah Magida  , Karen Tiliakos, and   Melissa Sclafani   collecting clay

Sarah Magida, Karen Tiliakos, and Melissa Sclafani collecting clay

Our first group workshop in local clay at the Visitor Center Artist Camp was a non-stop mud-mixing, pot-kicking, brick-packing, fire-raising good time!  Experiments with clay are well underway, and this is just the beginning.  From a hand-built barn and pile of earth we sculpted a ceramics studio!  We dug clay from the ground, we mixed it by hand, we dried it in the sun. When it rained we dried it by the fire.  We salvaged materials, we built our worktables, we fired in our homemade kiln.  We threw pots, formed sculptures, and built a brick oven.  We made friends from around the country, and learned much from the locals in the heart of the Ottawa.

Ann C Ewen throwing pots with the local clay

Ann C Ewen throwing pots with the local clay

After years of building and planning, I was overjoyed to share this wilderness art experience with such an enjoyable and skillful group of artists, and thrilled by the welcoming support and interest of the local U.P. residents.  Connecting with the people of Ewen and gaining insight into the area infinitely enriched the experience.  I am eager to see all that we will accomplish as we continue to refine our processes, build on the infrastructure, and develop our ideas on sustainability, art, and community.  Each year will bring new explorations into the local clay, which holds such rich possibilities for art, utility, and connecting us to our world and to each other.
Thank you to everyone who has made this adventure possible!

Amy Joy Hosterman
VCAC Ceramics Coordinator, ASM Program Director

Visitor Center Report: Sustainable Infrastructure, Collaborative Design

Daniel "Murray" Merry and Jason Friedes working in the new chow hut

Daniel "Murray" Merry and Jason Friedes working in the new chow hut

This summer we were persuaded by the weather to divert efforts early onto a permanent shelter for our kitchen.  This trumped outhouses as soon as it was suggested on our first rain day.  The kitchen turned out most complete with a cast iron wood stove, muffin oven, and stone hearth.  The other site we worked on a bunch was the water station.  We ran pex tubing from the well and built the structure for a shower with a changing area, a work area with a double sink and counter, and a reservoir for warming water.  Nevermind we didn't finish the thing, right?  There was art to be made.  All building materials were reclaimed or donated. This was awesome!  What's more sustainable than making what you need out of free materials?  We followed function to beauty. Special thanks to everyone!

Joshua Hosterman
VCAC Sustainable Infrastructure Projects Coordinator, ASM Operations Director