Represented Artist 2014-2016

My art is an indirect self-portrait. I have an intuitive relationship with the economy of materials. Each medium possesses its own demeanor, its own logic that physically unfolds as my own internal vulnerabilities. 
I execute with materials such as wood, steel, fabric and wax that propose relativity to the corporeal and tangible. With the exception of an occasional whitewash using industrial paint, which whispers of purity and anonymity, they exist in their raw state. I see no need to change their authentic entities. In accepting their natural color, though drained and muted, nothing is left but only itself, its identity, and its poetic imperfections.  
It is through solely working with my hands, that I embrace a vital interplay between the materials and myself, feeling attainment, angst, and my process evolving into an innate ad hoc fragility. I am endlessly driven to find an order of the disorder, a comfort in the discomfort, in ceaselessly excavating the chaotic intricacies in themselves. By employing the immaterial through a material means, my intention is not to offer a direct sense of insight but rather to foreplay my reflections and intuitions.

About Claire Breidenbach:

Claire Breidenbach is from Upstate New York, born in 1991. Breidenbach predominantly works in 3 dimensional forms with various materials such as wood, metal, fabric, and plaster. She completed her BFA with honors at the School of Visual Arts in New York, New York where she currently lives and works to unfold her abstract aesthetic. Her art excavates to find an authentic simplicity of our inner nature amid the vast and chaotic layers of life. 

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