Looking to the Self, Looking into Others: An Intersectional Conversation

Exhibiting the work of nine interdisciplinary women artists installed in site specific places throughout the Garner Arts Center.

55 Railroad Ave, Garnerville, NY

GARNER Arts Festival,
Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21, 11am - 6pm

A conversational workshop and facilitated discussion will coincide with the exhibition, where the artists and members of the public will be invited to share stories of personal experience. Each artist focuses their work on a different topic relating both on a personal level and a community level, in a discussion around contemporary issues that seek to break through the boundaries that oppress. Participating artists are Aubrey Roemer, Cori Champagne, Jeca Rodríguez-Colón, Kyana Brindle, Novel Sholars, Joan Harmon, Rebecca Weisman, Margaret Coleman, and Katie Urban.

Co-curated by Margaret Coleman and Angela Mosley

Austrian artist Valie Export stated, “The place of art in the women’s movement is the place of women in the art movement. The history of woman is the history of man…” While expressed 45 years ago, her words still advocate the need of women’s empowerment today. Not only do her words affirm the place of women in history, they speak to the civility and privileges of all mankind across demographics. Using the dynamic creativity of the Arts, and the exhibition as a conversational starting point, viewers will be inspired by stories that include dialogue on family, children, significant others, body image, fashion, and even spirituality. These moments which are a glimpse of personal life experiences invites you, the viewer, to engage and be a part of the conversation as you reminisce and learn that your voice is needed and you too are a part of our community.

Workshops will be moderated by IDSVA PhD candidate Angela Mosley and World Learning Peacebuilding Programs Facilitator Mellisa Cain. The workshop will aim to draw women into dialogue surrounding contemporary issues and concerns of women.