Two Exhibitions in Conversation: Stuffscapes

Stuffscapes is a six-person outdoor sculpture exhibition in the courtyard at Pelham Art Center in Pelham, NY.  The six sculptors, David Alban, Margaret Coleman, Stephen Eakin, Liz Ensz, Coral Lambert, James Lentz each present a new sculpture that explores the significance of an object in relationship to permanence and temporality and our cultural perspective on the environment and the materials we use. From cast metal to repurposed wood and found objects, the show reflects a broad span of materials exploring the continuum from which all manmade materials are ultimately derived from an organic natural resource.  It further explores the relationship between the natural process of geological evolution that creates our natural materials and the artist’s interventions that mold and shape them for cultural purposes. With each sculpture, the show strives to present an object of cultural significance that considers the resources we have, and uses them in new and exciting ways.  

Read more about Stuffscapes from Pelham Art Center here