Two Exhibitions in Conversation: Outside-In

Outside-In is a three-person landscape exhibition located across the street from Pelham Art Center, in The Storefront Project, featuring the work of Phil Laughlin, Scott Robinson, and Katie Urban.  Each artist’s work occupies a window space presenting three unique perspectives on working with landscape.  Phil Laughlin is a landscape painter living in rural Vermont, painting from everyday experience and surroundings while Scott Robinson, from Brooklyn, paints from found images, inserting abstract shapes over the composition.  Katie Urban approaches the topic from a more abstract perspective at large, viewing landscape as a connecting element between the material and the spiritual, using it to reflect emotional and psychological states.  Each window in The Storefront shares a different way of considering landscape, in the hopes that the viewer will walk by, stop, and consider different ways of seeing the world around them.

On view September 27 – October 17, 2014

Read more about Outside-In from Pelham Art Center here