SYNTHETIC DATA SCULPTURE : Data Trouvé to Autotecture

Paul Higham in Residence at Lycoming College

Opening Reception + Artist Talk :  Friday Sept 16th 5.30pm
Showing through Oct 15th

Lycoming College Art Gallery
25 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA

A Solo exhibition of code-generated data works including early vacuum-formed histograms from 1974 and the first fused deposition sculpture ‘Heuristicles’.

As a post conceptual artist questioning autonomy Paul Higham utilizes a repertoire of technologies to directly engage the possibilities of algorithmic generation. In extending the conceptual art paradigm to include
compression, encryption and retrieval as well as remote data acquisition the work is output by the agency of robotic construction such as cnc, and rapid prototype.

Exploring discrete commonalities of form and function in self organization and entropy found in artificial and natural structures ‘Data Trouve’ harvests "Grains of Data" to produce dimensional matrices in REAL-TIME which fenestrate organicity, hysteresis, synthesis, turbulence & noise
within culture : the algorithms of life. ‘Data Trouve’ being harvested from the real world and ‘Autotecture’ originating within algorithmic mathesis and equations are often synthesized in random combination. The generative model continually evolves, feeding back, mirroring & aligning under a “Social Skin” as a form of Social Architecture.

These works suggest a conceptual primacy that resides in their hand coding.

Paul Higham was in residence at Lycoming College for three days. He worked with Seth Goodman's Curatorial Studies class to install his solo show, visited the seniors' studios to
conduct critiques, and gave an artist talk at his opening reception to a full gallery of students and the public.