Spatial Intuitions

Living and Learning Center Gallery, UVM, February-March 2015

Featuring the work of four artists, two from Vermont, Brooke Monte and Marilyn Maddison, and two from out of state, Kristi Arnold and James Lentz,  Spatial Intuitions displays work exploring and challenging perspective, depth, and pattern, work holding unexpected geometric surprises.  

Moving from everyday awareness into a new existence of pattern and abstraction of pattern, the show strives to create an experience that draws the viewer into an alternate understanding of the work and and the surrounding world through the universal language of mathematics. The show features work in several mediums, juxtaposing flowing lines and hard rigid patterns. Marilyn Maddison's photography explores and abstracts the patterns found in daily life, while Kristi Arnold's paintings play with images from popular culture, finding symmetry in b grad movie stills. Brooke Monte explores the relationships found within the grid, intuitively using circles to create space. James Lentz's large wooden bench throws another literal twist into the show, using a physical object to question geometric expectations. Each artist's work is different, some tying into notions of the sacred, while others use subtle humor.

Curated by Margaret Coleman with ONE Arts Collective and ArtShape Mammoth.

Spatial Intuitions is at the Living and Learning Gallery at the University of Vermont,
Feb 11- March 13, 2015
Panel Discussion and Opening Reception Thursday, February 12, 5:30-7:30

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