Represented Artist 2014-2017

In conjunction with the grotesque’s historical aesthetic, I explore contrasting ideas such as beauty/ugliness, representation/abstraction, order/disorder, and the poetic/horrific, as well as the connection between mythological hybrid beasts, character masks in contemporary films, and the tragic comedies of the Commedia dell'arte. 

The main objective of my work employs this method through distortion, transformation, dark humor, absurdity, contrasting color palettes, and the play between positive and negative space. I specifically abstract representational forms through repetition, symmetry, and change in orientation, transforming the shapes from their original context. Similar to the Rorschach test and Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm shift theory, the shapes are interchangeable, shifting between two or more forms, forever in a state of flux. Oftentimes, the imagery is overtly apparent, resembling certain icons found in popular culture and nature, while other times they are more concealed.

About Kristi Arnold:

Kristi Arnold is a painter and printmaker living in Queens, New York. Before moving to New York, she lived in Sydney, Australia for three years, teaching and studying visual art under painter, Matthys Gerber. Arnold earned a BFA from the University of Kansas in 2001 and an MFA in 2005 from the University of Connecticut. Directly after graduate school in 2005, she traveled to Krakow, Poland to complete a Fulbright Fellowship at the Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Krakowie. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and abroad, including countries such as Belgium, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Bulgaria, Poland, and Austria. She has also been the Artist-in-Residence at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium, ARTSPACE in Australia, the University of Georgia in Athens, the Lawrence Art Center in Kansas and a visiting faculty member at The University of Kansas. Currently, Arnold is an Assistant Professor of Art at Elizabethtown College, where she has been a faculty member since 2014.