Review of "Tympanum" at Brooklyn Wayfarers Gallery

Written by Milos Zahradka Maiorana

Tympanum brings together 8 different artists across a broad range of mediums. I found myself pulled in many directions like a membrane.


My anchoring point was Sandra Stephens' video projection installation on the floor, "Towards the Unknown", a strange anamorphic natural landscape, perhaps a quarry or side of a mountain, suspended in the liminal space between imagination and reality.


Other pieces that extorted the most gravitational pull were Zachary Fabri's body print on paper made with iron ore, "I Clean Avenida Canada" which was connected to his video performance, "I Walk Avenida Canada". The print was exquisitely delicate yet possessed a powerful physical intensity.

image1 (10).JPG

Another was Leslie Fry's "Plunge", a large figurative colored drawing on newsprint, startling in its dynamics and eroticism, the two figures, one human, the other looking like a sea flower locked in a carnivalesque vertical inversion.

Review by Milos Zahradka Maiorana. Photos by Erin Gleason.

Tympanum is Curated by Erin Gleason,

Presented by Art Shape Mammoth,

at Wayfarers Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.




Erin Gleason is an artist, curator, and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her artworks critically and playfully challenge our relationship to measured space and time versus our experience of it. Drawing from over fifteen years of professional experience in the fields of architecture and branding design and her current research in philosophy, Erin’s work ranges from drawing, printmaking, photography, and installation to curating, writing, interactive events and public art commissions. She frequently collaborates on projects with architects, landscape architects, poets, scientists, musicians, and filmmakers, among others. Erin has won a number of public art commissions and has exhibited and curated in the US and internationally including BRIC Rotunda Gallery, NYC; FiveMyles Gallery, NYC; Wayfarers Gallery, NYC; Tent Gallery, Edinburgh; Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; The Pier Arts Center, Scotland; and Shetland Museum and Archives, Scotland. She is the recipient of a Russell Trust Award for artistic research in Greenland and a Lori Ledis Curator Fellowship at BRIC. She is the founder and editor of the Cultural Fluency publication and the co-founder and former director/curator of the Crown Heights Film Festival in Brooklyn. 

Erin received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and in Imaging Science (an individualized degree incorporating Engineering, Anthropology, and Art History) from University of Pennsylvania. She received a Master of Fine Art in the interdisciplinary Art, Space & Nature Programme from Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Erin is currently a PhD student in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. 

View more Erin’s work at and follow her on Instagram @gleasonstudio.