freeform art space, Santa Fe, NM

1619 C de Baca Ln, Santa Fe, NM, 87505, October 20th-November 3rd, 2018
Opening Reception Saturday, October 20th, 5pm-7pm
Curated by Jane Gordon

Featuring the work of
Andrew Brown, Lindsey Wolkowicz, and Scout Dunbar

When we venture out into the world, moving through places, spaces, and time, these experiences form memories, which in turn inform our sense of self and personal identity. As we remember and remember again, our memories alter. Does our identity inform our changing memories just as our memories inform our identity? How does the interaction of our physical bodies in space alter our experiences of place and time, and in turn our memories of places and times? In this exhibit, three artists explore these concepts in differing yet overlapping ways, shaped by their own places, experiences, and identities.

Andrew Brown, who lives and teaches in Boca Raton, Florida, explores his own personal meaning through compositions that juxtapose time, object, and place to find a greater understanding of our current culture. Lindsey Wolkowicz lives in Kingston, NY, and her multi-disciplinary work investigates the relationships between our bodies and the spaces they occupy. Rather than alluding to a specific person or place, the combination of architectural references and the human figure evokes feelings of the connections between our bodies and built spaces, transitional states of being and the unifying idea of our existence in time and within space. Scout Dunbar recently moved to Santa Fe, and continues her exploration of the coexistence of nature and industry through drawings of landscapes dissected by rigid, grid-like structures. She is influenced by New Mexican architecture and landscapes, particularly the combination of subtle earth tones punctuated by bursts of bright hues; for her this echoes the importance of humanity honoring its place within nature.

These works display a careful reexamination of experiences through a personal lens, acknowledging the delicate nature of our memories, and aiming to situate our bodies and identities within their experiences and surroundings, rather than dividing or drawing lines between ourselves, the objects and ideas we create, and the beings and substances that surround us.