Margaret Coleman & Liz Ensz

Mercy Gallery, Loomis Chaffee School

Margaret Coleman and Liz Ensz  were Artists in Residence at the Loomis-Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut in January 2016. This residency accompanied their exhibition, Continuum, which was featured in the school's Richmond Art Center gallery. Facilitated by ArtShape Mammoth.

While in residence, Margaret Coleman completed an installation in the gallery, using many parts, sculptures in metal, clay, wax, and resin to complete a whole. She installed a clay work space as well, and worked in the gallery. Liz and Margaret gave a talk to the students, examining the ideas around sustainability, collaboration, the unification of art and life, and using what you have. 

Liz Ensz created a series of mono-type prints based on studies of light and color from recent travel in the Mojave Desert and processed and printed medium format stereoscopic photographs in their darkroom.

The exhibition, Continuum, features work by Margaret Coleman and Liz Ensz in a coalescence of material engagement, haptic experimentation, and ponderous forms.

Working at a juncture of immediacy and immersive process, Coleman uses materiality as documentation of artistic adventure. Objects created speak about their past as pure material, their formative process, and exist in a larger art dialog surrounding purposefulness and use.

Ensz employs theories of transient matter and object-oriented ontology to emphasize both presence and absence in her series of sculptural and textile works. She examines and re-positions our relationships to Objects and Hyper-Objects through mediations of technology, material translation, and the inadequacies of memory.