Rita Bard


In my work I use ambiguity as a way to reframe the relationship to what we see and what it means. Growing up in a German/American family, that was poor in resources but rich in exposure to art and culture, I developed an affinity for a wild mix of visual influences. I soon learned that things are not always what they seem to be. Castles in Florida’s Disneyland were also like the “real” castles on the Rhine River. Delicate, individual hair were like sultry lines of graphite? Lines made of feathers and a background of colorful children’s cereal are as intriguing to me as images rendered in oils or acrylics. To fully express my particular vision I combine traditional media and techniques with a plethora of lowbrow media and techniques, including readymade objects. My use of a large variety of visual and material sources is a language of discovery. Ideas are developed from memory and reality and are a way for me to frame our and ponder our particular time history.

About Rita Bard:

Born in Louisville, KY, Rita Bard took the back roads through Germany, Vermont and Maine, finally establishing a home base and studio in Santa Fe, NM in 2004. In Germany she attended the Staatliche Glasfachschule, Hadamar learning stained glass art design, painting and production. She worked as a stained glass artist for Frank Close Studio in New York, NY and for Louisville Art Glass Studios in Louisville, KY. In 1999 Rita entered the BFA printmaking program at Maine College of Art, Portland, ME; graduating in 2002. Since establishing her studio practice in Santa Fe, Rita Bard has shown at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Box Gallery, Eight Modern, Launch Projects, all in Santa Fe, and other galleries throughout the US. In 2014, as part of her community art practice she founded freeform art space as a venue for guest curators and artists to show “commercially risky”, challenging and/or under appreciated artists’ work. www.freeformartspace.com

In 2015, Bard initiated the first “Art’s Birthday” Santa Fe event, based on Fluxus member Robert Fillious’ 1963 original concept of “Art’s Birthday”. On this project she collaborated with art writer Kathryn M. Davis, Axle Contemporary, The New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Eternal Network: Arts Birthday Global Network Exchange. The original “Art’s Birthday” is an ongoing event that occurs through out the globe every January 17. Rita Bard’s interdisciplinary work incorporates a wide range of materials and processes, all of which are meant to open a viewer’s perceptions and encourage slow looking and slow thinking. Bard has a very active studio practice and is actively involved with the Santa Fe art