My hand cannot and will not move without a stratum, section, layer, band, vein, chord, tier, of our 10 year old self, coupled with our 39 year old self, coupled with our 60 year old self experiencing the vibration of this movement.  This understanding allows me to exist within and also be a rhizome.  Rhizomes move through us, rhizomes are in us; rhizomes are all around us, leaving traces and maps.  These traces and maps are sometimes seen and at times they are neither fully felt nor fully heard until later in life.  Rhizomes are long streaming narratives that both reveal and conceal secrets.  It is no secret, I am a maker. 

About Julie Ward:

Ward’s work embraces the shift from the physically laborious raw materiality of an iron sculptor to the contemporary technologies of the cool blue screen.  In addition to material shifts, she risks exploring collaborative making by inclusion of a variety of art forms and artists, such as musicians, to trace experience beyond the visual.  Conceptually, Ward’s work folds in the remnants of vanishing industrial practices.  The fading past and rapidly evolving present occupy the striated spaces of history giving us glimpses of the spaces between parallel worlds: between past and present, between old and new, between traditional and contemporary, between the material and the ephemeral.  Ward graduated from The Ohio State University in 2010 with an MFA in Sculpture.  In 2014 Ward completed a second MFA in Electronic Media from the University of Cincinnati’s department of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.  Julie is currently an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.