I am a legacy, I leave a legacy. 

I am now on Medicare. I watch my  grown children become parents and deal with school age children of their own. I help care for a passel of grandchildren - six boys, to be exact, and two more on the way. I watch my parents struggle with old age and dementia and I help them with doctors and driving. My father makes end-of-life decisions for himself and my incapacitated mother. 

I cut images into pine planks and print them on cotton. I like that the images must be highly simplified to be legible. I like that the fabric allows for lots of continued working once the image is dry. I can draw, appliqué, paint and embroider and connect images by sewing. All this is very time consuming. 

In contrast, the monotypes are quick drawings made on my inking plate when I am printing my blocks. They satisfy my need for speed and spontaneity. In both cases something Magical can happen. Or not.

About Fay Stanford:

Fay Stanford has been living and working in the Philadelphia area for 25 years. Through her art making she has reported on the sorrows of dealing with dementia, being a tourist in HI., human/wild bird interaction, the perils of raising children, and the perils of raising chickens.  Fay lives with her husband of many years and is the mother of four grown children and a grandmother to eight boys.

Fay's CV here