It’s hard to be a grownup and that’s what my work is about. I tell stories using my own grown up life as the central narrative. Surely I’m not the only one who has bailed out teenagers arrested for underage drinking.  Not the only one to have gone through cancer treatment,  or hung laundry out on a sunny day, or watched her parents age and die, or rescued an orphaned baby squirrel. These are just some of the compelling, communal adventures  which elevate the commonplace to the extraordinary because they’re recognizably ours. All of ours. 


About Fay Stanford:

Fay Stanford depicts our common experiences—aging, family life,  and encounters with the “other”—mostly animals. She is primarily self taught and has developed a visual language that is perceptive, straightforward, and often darkly humorous.

Stanford works as a woodcut artist in Philadelphia who draws inspiration from commercial illustration, medieval Books of Hours, local wildlife, and 20th century woodcut masters. She prints small editions on cotton fabric that she sews into banners.

Fay's CV here