Represented Artist 2015-2016

The question is can we ape nature in a way that does not merely illustrate it?

My endeavor is to capture moments that oscillate from the ordinary to the extraordinary, to ultimately create an experience that resonates with the viewer in physical space. By referencing phenomena such as geysers, volcanos, thunder clouds and meteorites my work explores forces of nature and seeks to address darker issues related to the earth’s resources and contamination.

Having actively produced large scale sculpture for over 25 years I often travel the landscape to specific sites as my inspiration, making and showing work in China, Finland, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Scotland, England and Wales. The fiery foundry is my studio and laboratory where I explore the union of concept and the transformation of materials through processes paralleling nature. Responding to molten metal’s transitional fluid state, I often engage with it as a living material; as it breathes, oxidizes, and flows. The work emerges raw and elemental as if raised from the earths depths where something mysterious and magical has the potential to be evidenced and experienced.

About Coral Penelope Lambert:

Coral Penelope Lambert is internationally recognized for large scale cast metal sculpture. Born and raised in the UK she studied sculpture with leading figures in the field and over the past 25 years has utilized the foundry as her laboratory to explore the process of ‘Speeding up the work of nature’. Her work responds to metals rich history in myth and mining, playing with its weight, permanence and flux. She is Associate Professor of Sculpture at Alfred University in Upstate New York where she also directs the National Casting Centre Foundry.
Her work can be seen in many prestigious exhibitions and collections around the world including the Barbican Center, London, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN, Salem Art Works, NY, Pirrkala Sculpture Park in Finland, HuiAn, China, The National Metals Museum in Memphis, Governors Island, Manhattan, and Salem Castle, Germany. Her most recent Fire + Iron Earthworks ‘Volcano Furnace’ are sited at Pedvale Sculpture Park in Lativa and Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri in Italy. (more info here)

She is the recipient of awards including the Gottlieb Foundation Award, Jerome Fellowship, and the Joan Mitchell Grant.

Born in the UK, Coral lives and works in Alfred, New York