Represented Artist 2015-2016

As far back as I can remember, I have been a collector of things.  From rocks and insects as a child, to boxes of broken technological objects today, I have been attracted to objects that inspire curiosity and wonder.  Over time, my artistic practice has utilized this process of collecting and re-presenting.  I choose objects according to their use, form, and context.  In many instances, these found objects are molded, sometimes altered, and then reproduced into a new contextually suitable material.   Through this language of things, I have explored such themes as play, power, control, financial structures, obsolescence, science, religion, fetish, and language itself.

It is the process of collection in itself that fuels my conceptual understanding of the object.  My current work examines the following questions by dealing with themes of technology and the passage of time:  How will the objects of our daily lives define us through the lens of history?  What will citizens of the future think of our legacy of things?  What objects will ultimately represent us?  Will our technological objects define our culture, and perhaps be its greatest mystery?  The objects I create put forth a possible future history.

About Chris Collins:

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