Guest Curator, Discussion Coordinator, Exhibition Reviewer


Chicago native, Angela M. Mosley has been establishing herself in the art and education industry as true, genuine professional. Her direct personality, coupled with an empathetic and selfless demeanor demonstrates incredible commitment to those she serves. Artist, educator, and activist are only some of the titles attributed to her professional resume.

Bringing close to 20 years of experience in the community, Angela has not only been changing the world of youth wherever she goes, she has been touching the lives of countless people and revitalizing communities one person at a time. Her recent Iowa Corridor “Let’s Chat It Up” project through the You Artistry Collaborative has received rave reviews and has even generated regional and national interest among communities such as the state of Virginia's VAFL Not Racist Love Walk and the U.S. State Department. Additionally, she has received international recognition by Armenia delegates in support of their project Promoting Social Change through the Arts.

Angela is bound to attract more fame with her current and future endeavors as she connects with others spearheading similar initiatives in support of humanity through activism and the Arts.

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